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It is the process which balances and evaluates risk factors, by confronting them with judgments, patterns and criteria, in order to verify if the proposed security measures...

Corporate Focusing » Company Inteligence

Corporate Focusing


Company Inteligence

NETWORK IC dedicates special attention to the activities of Corporate and Competitive Intelligence and Counterintelligence. To that end, it counts on highly specialized teams and state of the art equipment. It is apt to furnish the necessary knowledge to support the decisions of company directors and to provide its clients with protection in their communications, strategic knowledge and sensitive sectors, by offering immediate and effective answers to prevent and neutralize adverse actions from whichever origin.

Our analysts are continuously focused on seeking knowledge to meet the specific interest clients, including information of limited or restricted access

1.Corporate Intelligence

Often the Company’s Staff dedicated to the obtention of knowledge fails in distinguishing between the activities of Collection and that of Search. The former consists in the acquisition of data available both in databases of public domain and of the company itself. These are low and medium protection reports, which may be tailored to meet the client´s information needs. Search is an Intelligence activity that uses special techniques to obtain the required knowledge, in the short, medium and long terms. The conjunction of both activities is the essence of the methodology designated as Corporate Intelligence.

2.Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence is the collection of methods, techniques and activities that process the necessary information, mostly of easy acquisition and public knowledge, in order to transform it into knowledge essential to strategic decisions. NETWORK IC’s Competitive Intelligence management routinely keeps actions and Collection activities within ethical boundaries.


Counterintelligence activities in the corporate area are generically defined as a body of independent measures aimed at identifying and countering the actions of Industrial Espionage. They are worthy of special attention considering the nowadays extremely competitive globalized environment.

Trivialization of technological information has placed in the market methods and equipment formerly used solely by Government Intelligence. Currently organizations engaged in seeking their opponents’ economic, financial, technological and operational data have gained access to last-generation searching tools, which significantly influences the competitive process.

Knowledge Security must be prioritized. The manager is accountable for it before shareholders, the board of directors, employees and their families. It has the objective of protecting the company’s technological, intellectual and processing assets

The company customarily develops the following activities:

» Company Inteligence
» Planning and Implantation of Corporate Security Systems
» Supervision and Control of Corporate Security Activities

Corporate Focusing » Company Inteligence